Volunteer at Village Market

What Are Your Special Talents & Skills? Village Market needs you! You! Your muscle, willing hands, and organizing skill! Your nice smile, ideas, or heart-warming soup! Help us stock shelves, count inventory, and sparkle up pans, Make sure the milk’s chill and the onions don’t stink! Have a blast! Cook! Learn stuff! Make new friends, do good work! Help out just 3 hours a week and earn a discount on store purchases for a month.

We are looking for neighbors, customers, and food lovers to join the Village Market in providing quality, fresh, healthy, affordable groceries to New Columbia and it’s neighbors.Please contact Ryan at rschoonover@janusyouth.org /503.943.5634 to become a Village Market Volunteer.

Volunteer information open house Thursday, October 1st from 3p to 4p. Store tour starts at 2:30p.