Village Gardens Pie Hard Judges

Village Gardens is very proud to be the non-profit partner for Willamette Week’s Pie Hard event, an artisan pizza and fruit pie showdown at Ecliptic Brewing Co. (825 N Cook St.) on Tuesday, August 4 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

The Pie Hard event will also feature two Village Gardens community members on the judge panel: Roman, Food Works Crew Leader and Vickie, Community Leader.

Here is a bit about both of them:

Since moving to New Columbia two years ago,Vickie has been an active and engaged community leader.  A mother of five and a grandmother of four, she has been engaged in gardening in Portsmouth Community Garden for the past year and a half and is assisting in the role of a kitchen co-leader in the formulation of the first New Columbia/Tamarack Apartments community kitchen. The kitchen will not only create social connectedness, but will also impart healthy recipes and training in the areas of canning, preserving and baking. Vickie also has been an active volunteer for the past two years with Village Gardens/Portland Fruit Tree Project’s Fruits of Diversity Orchard, learning  the art of fruit tree and vine care.

In addition to all of her volunteerism (and I have only barely scraped the surface of just how much she gives of herself), she additionally is in her final year at Portland State University in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Public Health.  Having recently completed Multnomah County’s Community Health Worker Program, Vickie’s plan is to create positive inroads in the arena of health care rights in the queer community.

Roman is a Crew Leader for Food Works, Village Gardens youth run farm and business. He has been a crew member for the last year and now holds the position of summer program crew leader.

Here is Roman in his words sharing his thoughts about Food Works: “What I enjoy at food works is coming to work and spending time with people I want to hang out with!Being untied as a crew. Seeing everyone’s point of view of the program and of life. Hearing others goals and achieving their dreams. Also seeing everyone grow as their own person and as a crew.”

“Working as a team is very important at Food works because we need everyone in the crew to be able to be successful. It sound crazy but it does. Working as a team can be hard, but we’ll live. It’s hard sharing the spotlight but it’s better to share it with everyone. It’s not about what you want, it’s about you and the crew and you decision to come to consensus.  At the farm you need everyone to put in effort because if someone doesn’t the crew can fall behind.”

Roman is a sophomore at Roosevelt High School and wants to become a reality T.V star.