Portland Children’s Levy Update: A HUGE Thank You for Voicing Your Support!

If you haven’t heard the good news, The Portland Children’s Levy Allocation Committee unanimously approved $166,667 in support of Village Gardens! We know this was much in part to the many emails sent by community members endorsing the great work of the program. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send an email on our behalf, and on behalf of the 4,000 children, youth and families in North Portland that Village Gardens helps.

This funding will allow Village Gardens to:

  • Provide 2,160 weekly meals and 2,700 lunches during the summer and out-of-school time for low-income children
  • Increase organic food production in 75 garden plots to combat hunger
  • Create a SNAP and WIC incentive program at Village Gardens’ community-run grocery store that sells high quality food and no alcohol, tobacco products or lottery tickets.

At Tuesday’s Allocation Committee meeting, Village Gardens’ Program Director Amber Baker had the opportunity to speak to committee members and thank them for reconsidering the program for funding in the Hunger Relief category.

“Thank you for considering our programs which do more than just provide a meal, they put youth in leadership as well. Youth are creating their own solutions for hunger in their community and they are very deserving of your support and funding,” Baker said.

Your ongoing support is incredibly valuable to all of us at Village Gardens! On behalf of our community, we thank you!

The Village Gardens Team