Portland Children’s Levy – Village Gardens NEEDS YOUR HELP…

This past year the Portland Children’s Levy (PCL) added Hunger Relief to its funding tracts. Of the 12 applications received in the Hunger Relief category, Village Gardens’ application was ranked third. Recommended for funding by PCL staff, the Levy’s Allocations Committee ultimately elected not to fund Village Gardens’ application.

With $2 million in new funds now available, the PCL will reconsider projects not previously funded at their June 2nd meeting. With funding decisions being made NOW, we need you to IMMEDIATELY email every PCL Allocation Committee member asking them to fully fund Village Gardens in the Hunger Relief category.

PCL funding will mean that Village Gardens can: Provide 2,160 weekly meals and 2,700 lunches during the summer and out-of-school time for low-income children; Increase organic food production in 75 garden plots to combat hunger; Support cooking and nutrition workshops to address chronic health issues; Expand a teen-run organic farm to increase employment; and Create a SNAP and WIC incentive program at Village Gardens’ community-run grocery store that sells high quality food and no alcohol, tobacco products or lottery tickets

Since 2001, Village Gardens has addressed hunger, created jobs for teens and adults and improved health and safety in diverse, low-income North Portland neighborhoods where 95% of residents live at or below the federal poverty level, 69% of residents are people of color, 46% of households are headed by single mothers and 42% of the population is under age 18. Your voice will make a difference for 4,000 low-income Portland children, youth and families that Village Gardens helps.

Members of the Allocation Committee need to hear from you NOW! Email your endorsement tofully fund Village Gardens’ 3-year, $472,859 request in the Hunger Relief track to:

Dan Saltzman, dan@portlandoregon.gov

Deborah Kafoury, mult.chair@multco.us

Julie S. Young, juliesy@me.com

Serena Stoudamire-Wesley, crmk3@aol.com

Mitch Hornecker, mitch.hornecker.pcl@gmail.com

Portland Children’s Levy Staff:

Lisa Pellegrino, Director, lisa.pellegrino@portlandoregon.gov

Thank you so much for your support of the work we do!

The Village Gardens Team