Village Voices


In March of 2011, Chelsea noticed a job posting at Village Market, a brand new non-profit grocery store in her neighborhood of New Columbia in North Portland. As one of the first employees at Village Market, her  task was to help build the shelving that would eventually hold all our market goodies. Six years later, Chelsea is still providing warm customer service, helping out her community and has taken on management of fresh produce for the store. Whether she is ordering from Food Works youth farm or our supplier, her personal values support her commitment to meeting the growing demand for fresh produce in the neighborhood.

"I am most proud of changing my eating habits. Seven years ago, my sister in law was the first person to get me to try something she cooked that I don't really care for, but from then on I kept trying things. Now I eat more fruit and vegetables in my diet, and am learning how to cook with them and learning what is good for you. My toddlers really like to copy, so whatever I do...they do. They follow me around and I try to make eating exciting. So I say" Let's eat carrots kids!!" and they say "yay!". The more I am excited about a healthy snack, the more they are too. Peppers, I did not like for a long time and then I learned lots of ways to cook with them or to put them in my food and now I like to add them to a rice bowl with black beans, shredded chicken, taco seasoning and lime juice. I get my peppers by eating them like that.

My job lets me build relationships with people and get to know people, you never know when you might need help or someone might need you. I like to help people - whether
its my kids, my family, people at my church, my neighbors or customers...when you help somebody it does a lot for you. It makes me feel good as a person. Like for a day or something little for someone else that just makes you feel good..and then it comes back to you."

At Village Market, we are simply removing the biggest barrier to choice - affordability. For the past few years, Village Market has been using "Good Food" models to figure out how to level the playing field so that all people can choose fresh fruits and vegetables. We rely on supporters like you to make sure we all have authentic choices for how to feed ourselves and our loved ones.  Your donation helps to support Good Food and employment for North Portland neighbors.