The 2012 Food Works Summer Crew has Come to an End!

As you may know, Food Works hires a group of twenty youth every summer. Giving the youth of North Portland an opportunity to gain job experience, leadership skills, and lots of other skills they could use in other job ventures, at school, or even at home. All summer I’ve had the chance to work closely with many of the youth and getting to know them. Most of them with different personalities, which is what makes Food Works a fun and exciting experience. During this summer we’ve done a lot of community and volunteer work; volunteering at the Blanchet House, Oregon Food Bank, Sisters of the Road, and local gardens around our community.

We also competed in our “grudge match” which consisted of competitive challenges and fun games. The crew who earned the highest score at the end of the summer won “the golden boot.” Congratulations to the “marvel squad” for winning the grudge match this summer.  Weendedour summer with a huge barbecue, rap battle, and water fight. I’d have to say, this summer was a whole new experience for me.

Although the summer has ended, it’s not over yet! Now we’re transitioning into AYP. The Academic Year Program (AYP) gives the youth at Food Works the same opportunity to work, but during the school year.

Charleshia Dobson
Summer Crew Youth Intern Leader