Food Works Crew Member Of The Week

Renold Turenne is 18 years old he has been working at Food Works since 2010. He started out on the summer crew and he has worked his way up through the years to having a leadership position. This summer his position will be the Veggies On The Street Manager. Renold is a very hard worker, funny, friendly, and his personality is not one to miss. Starting out on the Foodworks team Renold was the shy quiet person who just got the work done, but over the years Renold has manged to become more comfortable with the foodworks family and break out of his shell! Renold now calls himself the sherriff of the farm and has no problem taking charge or stepping up to get things done on the farm. Renold knows how to make everyone’s day whether its with a “This is America” joke or whether its “I Love Mangos!” Renold’s Favorite part about food works is going to the farm. His favorite thing to do on the farm is to plant, harvest, cook, and play games. Renold attends Portland Community College, he is majoring in art and drawing. Food works wouldn’t be such a positive place without Renold around to make us laugh and enjoy our work shifts!