Village Market – Portland’s Best-Kept Secret

Village Market, a project of Village Gardens, Janus Youth Programs and Portland’s only non-profit grocery store, was created to address a community-defined need in the neighborhood of New Columbia – the lack of access to healthy, affordable food options. With the tag line “Community Serving Community", Village Market seeks to puts the community first, as it helps to create job opportunities, access to health education, and of course, access to healthy and affordable food options. As a collaborative partnership between resident community leaders, Village Gardens, Home Forward and a handful of other partners, Village Market is looking to change what it means to be a grocery store. On May 28th, 2012, Village Market is celebrating its one year anniversary. And after one year in business, the leaders of Village Market are looking to reach out to the greater Portland community. Village Market wants to be your local grocery store! By supporting Village Market, you're supporting not just the store, but also the people who work and volunteer there: you're supporting the gardens and community projects, neighborhood youth farmers, and health education and advocacy programs. Village Market is one piece in a growing network of community action supported by Village Gardens, a network of people who truly want to see their community thrive. This is a big project, with broad implications for how communities feed and nurture themselves. Please come shop at the store, volunteer your time, and help get the word out. This is a big endeavor: and every little bit counts. Go to to find out more. You can also follow the project on Facebook (Village Gardens, Janus Youth Programs). Thanks!

PrettyGoodProductions, May 10, 2012