Seeds of Harmony Garden 

Launched in Spring 2006 in the New Columbia community, Seeds of Harmony Garden sought to build on the success of the original gardens.  Village Gardens' staff support the leadership of the Seeds of Harmony Garden Committee as they oversee a 42,000 square foot garden that serves as a community meeting place, a food source and an educational tool for 80 diverse families from the New Columbia and Tamaracks housing communities.


Egg Project

Village Gardens' chicken/egg project sets a precedent in urban food production as the only livestock project in the country based in  a multi-family housing development. Community volunteers receive eggs for their households in exchange for chicken care. 

Fruits of Diversity Orchard

A 10,000 square foot orchard launched in 2013  in partnership with the Portland Fruit Tree Project is the first public community orchard planted in the City of Portland. Fruit harvested from the orchard goes to community residents who volunteer at monthly work and harvest parties.