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4632 North Trenton Street
Portland, OR 97203
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Your corner grocery store that makes the healthy choice the easy choice.

The Village Market project was designed, in part, to meet a basic community-defined need: the lack of access to a local corner grocery store where fresh, healthy, culturally appropriate food can be purchased at a reasonable price. In a neighborhood with the nearest grocery store nearly two miles away, and 33% of households live without vehicles,  New Columbia community now has a store offering fresh healthy produce, culturally appropriate meats, whole grains, low and non-fat dairy products, as well as other items you will find at a full-scale grocery store.

Village Market is fulfilling its mission of being affordable, accessible by foot, and providing healthy food options to the New Columbia community. Village Gardens promotes its four pillars of health (eat the rainbow, drink lots of water, cook at home, eat healthy fats) through the work of the store each and every day. Village Market remains the only grocery store in the city that authentically puts healthy food choices on the same playing field as other choices. At Village Market, customers’ money goes further when folks make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Customers who receive SNAP benefits can sign up in the store for the Good Food Program and receive a 30% discount on fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, bulk beans and grains, eggs, dairy, and a number of other healthy pantry items. And kids can grab a free piece of fruit for a healthy snack anytime.