Ev, Lupita and Sophia on a bench in New Columbia

Growing the Farm
Youth develop skills in sustainable agriculture by being engaged in all aspects of planning, planting, harvesting organic vegetables at the Seeds of Harmony community garden.

Growing the Self
Food Works' youth learn key job skills such as respectful direct communication, time management, accountability and conflict resolution. Each youth sets personal goals for school and work and identifies their steps to success.  Leadership development and enrichment opportunities are also an important part of the Food Works experience. In addition to participating actively in all aspects of program decision making, youth regularly present at professional conferences both locally and nationally.

Growing the Community
The Food Works youth are increasingly seen as ambassadors of health in the neighborhoods. Nutrition education is integrated into the Food Works' program  and youth learn how to prepare and preserve vegetables from their farm and share healthy recipes with their customers and neighbors. 

Growing the Business
Through selling their vegetables at Village Market in New Columbia, the youth build a wide variety of marketable skills such as customer service, cashiering, retail display, planning, marketing and teamwork. The proceeds from sales are rolled back into strengthening the program.